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2016 in Review

According to several trend institutes 2017 will continue to be all about content and rich media. And how better to tackle these increasing demands on contributing with more and better content than with a DAM. A successful company in 2017 will have to be working more efficiently and with smarter workflows, there will not be time for running around in circles looking for your assets. Integration and centralization will be key factors in succeeding.

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Work smarter with integrations!

To keep up in today's ever evolving communication landscape it is key to work smart. It's easy to say but sometimes harder to put into motion. 

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Hotkeys and Hidden Features

Are you the kind of person who loves shortcuts? If so, you are going to love this! Our great Development Team have made some really nice features for making your workflow more efficient.

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4 Reasons to Connect Your DAM with PowerPoint

As a DAM user you are in control of your assets and can control and analyze how they are being used. Maybe now is the time to grow with your solution, and integrate it with other useful tools like Microsoft PowerPoint. The application that hundreds of millions use to make visual presentations.

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What happened at DAM Day?

On October 5, it was finally time for DAM Day in Stockholm. We gathered about 100 participants at the World Trade Center for half a day of DAM inspiration.

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DAM Day - Meet the Speakers

In a few weeks QBank invites you to an event dedicated to Digital Asset Management (DAM). Our vision with DAM Day is to inspire you with the possibilities of DAM and how to take care of your digital assets.

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2016-08-02 Sofie Samrell Tags: Tips, DAM

Becoming a QBank Partner

QBank uses a partner model, as we want to create a community within Digital Asset Management where QBank is used as the common platform.

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2016-07-15 Sofie Samrell Tags: Tips, DAM

QBank Publishing

Publishing your digtal assets can be a time consuming event with multiple uploadings and exports included. We made it easier for you, with QBank as a central hub.

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2016-07-08 Sofie Samrell Tags: Tips, DAM

QBank Moodboards

Sharing your digital assets just got easier. With QBank you can share your large files without ftp-servers or usb-flash drives.

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2016-07-01 Sofie Samrell Tags: Tips, DAM

QBank Uploading

Simple as it seems, communicating digital assets with each other can be a daily issue. We want Digital Asset Management to be as easy as possible. 

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