If content is king, where is the castle?

There was a time when you picked up the phone and called your advertising agency when you needed a certain logotype in a specific file format. If it was urgent, you got it delivered by bike courier, maybe even on a SyQuest disk (look it up). I’m old enough to remember when files weren’t sent by email but by bike. I spent a summer doing just that; riding a bike with that SyQuest as my precious cargo. Then things happened in a quicker and quicker pace, transforming industries that had been around for decades. Leaving companies leapfrogged by quicker and smarter startups knowing how to leverage technology, or entirely transformed. Fast forward. Today, the world’s largest carrier is not AT&T - it’s Skype. Virgin Megastore has been totally overrun by online services such as Spotify or Apple iTunes and most people consume their news not by reading the morning newspaper.

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QBank <3 InDesign

Turns out that people really like print. Gutenbergs old invention dating back to 1436 is still going strong. Who would have guessed this in an almost all digital world where everyone stares into a smartphone or tablet?

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