Customer Relations in a World of Digitalization

Our society and the businesses that we operate are rapidly changing through digitalization, that’s an undisputable fact. Social media, technical shifts and new customer behaviours are types of new realities that we all face; some better than others.

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Seeing is believing

Visual communication is tremendously powerful. Images trigger emotions and attitudes, increase attention and recollection. About half of our brain is dedicated to processing images, and it’s done at a staggering speed. In fact, the brain processes an image 60.000 times quicker than processing written text. While interpreting an image comes natural, reading is something we had to learn.

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The five most important things to consider when investing in DAM

 When it comes to investing in a new solution for your organization, there are a number of factors to keep track of. We've listed the most important things to consider when investing in a Digital Asset Management-solution. 


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Why we need a day for DAM

Last week was an exciting one for us at QBank. It saw the launch of our new event DAM DAY, a day dedicated to all things Digital Asset Management. We invited our clients and partners to share their experiences of DAM with each other and interested listeners.

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Three reasons to invest in DAM

Last Tuesday six of us went to an event called "Competence cinema" or "Kompetensbio" as it is called in Swedish. Some of us went on a previous occasion and found it to be quite good. The concept is lectures mixed with a feature film. Webstep hosted it at one of Svensk Filmindustri’s cinemas. There were two lectures; the first was about micro services and the last was practical tips for using asynchronous methods in C#. Even though none of them benefit QBank directly, it's always good to know about the universe outside of your own sphere.

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5 ways DAM improves your ROI

A common approach by many organisations to calculating DAM ROI is to use statements like “each of our x employees spend y hours each day, searching for assets”. They then use this statement to count backwards and calculate the ROI; Search time per day (hour) x Employee cost per hour = Cost for Business per day.
This formula however, will only tell what the costs are without using a DAM. But there are more factors to consider when calculating the ROI for a successful DAM implementation.

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Why managing assets is crucial for content marketing

For quite some time now the buzzword on every marketer’s lips have been content marketing. It has evolved into a get-on-the-train-or-go-out-of-business mentality, but how does one really master the art of content marketing? It all comes down to choosing a strategy relevant for your brand, as well as managing your digital media and channels.


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