5 ways DAM improves your ROI

A common approach by many organisations to calculating DAM ROI is to use statements like “each of our x employees spend y hours each day, searching for assets”. They then use this statement to count backwards and calculate the ROI; Search time per day (hour) x Employee cost per hour = Cost for Business per day.
This formula however, will only tell what the costs are without using a DAM. But there are more factors to consider when calculating the ROI for a successful DAM implementation.

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EPiServer-day 2014 & the QBank Connector

The annual EPiServer client day took place last week and QBank was of course represented to promote the new version. Along with QBank 3, we're rewriting and rethinking our CMS plugins. Instead of fully custom solutions for each CMS as before, we intend to simplify the process significantly from now on.


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Why workshops matter

As we have addressed earlier in this blog some of the keys to a successful DAM-project is Getting control of your existing assets, Defining Workflows, and Meta data structure. Our team at QBank has a vast experience in DAM installations and setups for different industries and organizations of different sizes. We are very keen on using this experience to help our clients in getting a DAM good start.

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Transfer agents

In QBank 3, we've made uploading much faster and many times more intuitive than it's predecessor. But even so, getting all the company assets uploaded may be sometimes be problemetic due to a number of reasons:

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