The DAM perspective on media formats - Part 3

Video is predicted to continue to be the number one media 2017, as of 2016. With that prediction comes high demands on delivering video content. This blog post is the third part of our series on media formats and we hope you'll find it useful. 

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The DAM perspective on media formats - Part 2


It can be overwhelming to keep track on which format to use where. To optimize your DAM and make the most out of it, it could be a good idea to look at which formats your organization uses. Here’s the second post in our Media Formats series, enjoy!

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The DAM perspective on media formats - Part 1

At QBank we see a lot of different files and formats every day, and you probably do as well. It’s a part of the digital landscape that everybody encounters. In a series of three parts we will guide you through frequently used files. 

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Hotkeys and Hidden Features

Are you the kind of person who loves shortcuts? If so, you are going to love this! Our great Development Team have made some really nice features for making your workflow more efficient.

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Infographic - From Chaos to Order

A Digital Asset Management works as a centralized hub for your digital assets. Today's blogpost is illustrating this in an infographic - take control of your chaos!

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Spending Too Much Time on Your Digital Assets?

When I first started working in the DAM-business, five months ago, I did not know what Digital Asset Management (DAM) really was. I knew that it was a storage for rich media, but not what kind of features and benefits that came with it. For those of you not yet convinced, bear with me.

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The Word is the Key

It’s hard to imagine the streets of Stockholm - now flooded in wonderful summer sunshine - will be filled with something we call “slask” in a few months. While Eskimos are said to have over 300 different words for snow, we only have 150 or so here in Sweden. Which brings me to the topic of this post - keywords.

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4 Ways to Faster Support

Customer service has come a long way since the good old days, when you actually had to visit the company, between 9-5, to get help. Most companies today offer a Knowledge Base for customers to find answers 24/7. So do we! 

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Fly Me to the Moon

Welcome back to work - hope you had a great summer vacation. Time to ignite the rockets again! Talking about rockets; some years ago, when NASA was asked what it would take to fly back to the moon, the answer came as a bit of a surprise - “We forgot how to do it, we’d have to start from scratch”.

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2016-08-02 Sofie Samrell Tags: Tips, DAM

Becoming a QBank Partner

QBank uses a partner model, as we want to create a community within Digital Asset Management where QBank is used as the common platform.

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